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new home, new state, new school, new family, new age [Sep. 5th, 2005|03:22 pm]
Well I moved into the dorms at the U of M and also turned 19. I thought that maybe, just maybe I should update again just for old time's sake. I also noticed that since I have my own computer, it's really easy to be on-line constantly so I decided I should try to get into old habits again. Well. My birthday party that I was trying to organize didn't turn out. I thought that maybe if I could get some old friends to hang out and bring in my birthday it wouldn't seem so weird and lonely cuz I'm meeting loads of people yet I'm not very close with any of them yet. Unfortunately, one by one, everybody called to let me know that something had come up. eh, whatever. I guess you can't take the past with you. Tonight after dinner I am having cake in my dorm with everyone on my floor I can get ahold of. That's gonna be more birthday feely. But so far, 19 feels eh, boring. Ha. Well here's a short update to break the huge gap of non updates.