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skewl [Mar. 11th, 2005|11:10 am]
Never, in my four years of Chi High have I updated my journal at school. It could be because I have only had my journal for a little over a year, or because all the students acounts are blocked from using livejournal. But because of the recent discovery that I can update from Mrs. Jenke's computer, I decided that I have to do this.

Let's see, The girls basketball team went to state. So school got canceled on Thursday. I took a bus down there. It was funny. The busdriver drove incredibly slow so it took approximately four and half hours to get there. We had to open our windows to circulate air, so it snowed on us. It was really fun though, which surprised me, because I usually get really bored. Let's see though. They lost the game but it was still really exciting for a basketball game. I don't exactly care for basketball, but I was into every single play that went on. It was a great time. Yeah..

A couple days ago higher ground called me for an interview. It surprised me, because it had been so long since I had heard from them. Despite it all, I went. I have a feeling I am not going to get the job. Not because the interview went poorly, but because I am leaving in August and something gives me the feeling that they want longer term employees. But you know, it's not over until the fat lady sings therefore, we'll find out in a couple of days.

Well, there's the bell.
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fursh [Mar. 3rd, 2005|05:05 pm]
today is frusterating. it seems like everybody around me has some sort of talent. I want to be talented at something. It's everything I want to do I have to work really hard and I do out doing alright. I just wish there was one thing that came easily to me just one thing. Oh yeah typing on lap tops is hard. atleast i can watch the coolest show ever while I do this. Drake and Josh best show.. weeeee bye
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hide n seek - Olly jolly ox is greeen [Feb. 23rd, 2005|01:50 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |boys night out (I can't figure out why)]

ok, first off. I suck. I am so mean to Eric and as a consequence I deserve to be punished. But I am getting used to feeling like a bitch. Elliston. fuck. They're recording their cd alll break whhoooooooo. that's all.

Midwinter break. This is fun. Last night after school, I went on a ski trip. It was so fun, Peter and Ben and Katie were there and then so was everybody else imaginable like russian (natalya) rob, sam wait, nobody cares about this list. Anyways it was my first time skiing. Well I guess second time technically but I don't think that first time should count. So anyways. I was going down the easiest one which is blue something i think. Yeah, it got to this part that I consider steep and I got scared so I screamed and Peter tried to help me but really he just broke my fall. I couldn't get up on skis so I slid down the rest of the steep part on my butt. It was funny. But then after that (I went down the same hill over and over) whenever we got to the steep part, Peter would grab my arms and go down backwards so that I wouldn't die. I love Peter. Then we went snowtubing which was aight. One time when I was about to get on the ski lift I fell, just like that and I couldnt get up. It was so pathetic. I put my poles in my mouth and tried to get myself up with my hands which didnt work, so I went to take the poles out and they were stuck and ripped off part of my lip. Yep. Gross. Then a man came and lifted me. I'm sweet. And sore from that...

Today was the single funnest time hanging out with Brianna. First off, this morning she did the single most cutest thing ever. It's hard to explain but the answering machine picked up so I told her I would call her right back but then for some reason neither of turned off our phone so I was just like "hello" and she was trying to explain what happened to her sister and I just listened. It's classic, and on the answering machine. Score. but then I picked her and her sister up. When I got to her house she goes "do you like my new dress?!?" and it was the cutest Brianna I had ever seen she had pigtails and an adorable dress and pink eyeliner. Next we had a picnic at the park. But it was too cold outside so we decided to go and eat in the hallway of the indoor bathroom. So we set out a blanket and ate and stuff and after we finished eating we decided to play hide and seek. Here we were in this small bathroom facility playing hide and seek. Savannah kept hiding in the boys bathroom, it was funny. but one time when I was counting, just as I was saying "ready or not here I come" I looked up and saw a man. and I thought Savannah better not be hiding in the boys bathroom because that was where he was headed. So I quickly found them and they got all scared and excited because of this. But they didn't go in the boys bathroom after that. Then we were doing all these relays and stuff. I was bored of them though so I said "The first person to run put their shoes on and say 'oly oly oxem free' is the winner" so they run Brianna gets her shoes on and goes "Olly jolly ox is greeen" adorable I tell you. Now I go to the casino.

ps. I cant sleep anymore. im always tired, I fall asleep everywhere at anytime. Except for when I go to bed. grrr
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Timms Hill [Feb. 20th, 2005|10:16 am]
So I have been to Timm's hill. I can now finally say this! For those of you who are unsure of what Timm's hill is, well its the highest point of elevation in Wisconsin coming in close to like 1192.5 ft or something close to that. In a tiny town called ogema of price county.

It was beautiful and calm and quiet. Just the smallest town ever; there was a one-stop gas station thingy, a church, a library, and a grocery store. It made me want to go to linden. But you go past all these things and then you get to the county park. and drive through there. Unfortunately the entrance to the observatory was snowed in. But Eric and I still managed to catch a glimpse of some real life high point skiers! And when we got out of the car and stopped talking, there was absolutely no noise. That was a really good feeling. Excellent. But since it was so cold, we decided to have our picnic in the back of Eric's van. Which was romantic in it's own way. aww
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sweet. [Feb. 13th, 2005|10:24 am]
You scored as Elliott Smith. You're Elliott Smith. Don't worry - that doesn't mean you're going to be a tragedy, it just means that you have superb talent and a unique perspective to you given to you because you've felt the pain and you've seen the dark side. YOU however will get through it to the light on the other end to keep on blowing everyone's minds with your cool perspective.

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reflexologist [Feb. 12th, 2005|09:43 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Lions, Tigers, and Bears]

I think this is funny. As I was driving home, I told myself "YEAH! I'm gonna write my paper when I get home." but as soon as I got to my computer, without even thinking. I opened up the website, logged into livejournal and clicked on "update" so obviously, my subconscious mind wants to update. So here's to you subconscious.

I got to go to Reflexology school today. It was a seven hour class. At first, although it may sound corny. We hugged everybody else in the room and talked about the difference between liver hugs and heart hugs. And then Jody (the instructor) said a lot of inspiring things. About how wherever you go, what you carry with you (yourself) is all that you need. She said that good jobs, awesome spouses, good friends, etc. are all just bonuses, but really, when it comes down to it. All that you ever need to do anything is yourself. And how that if you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you are going to do the best you can with everything that comes your way, you can never fail. And as corny as this may sound, it was inspiring to me and I needed to hear it. But after that we went discussed the history and went over diagrams and talked about all the things that go into reflesology. But after our lunch break, it was all hands on stuff. It was so incredibly awesome. Wow. I mean we learned relaxation techniques and she taught us how to find pressure points for certain parts of our bodies and so many more things. and like we took turns so we got to experience reflexology for ourselves. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. I am considering investing 2 grand into becoming a certified reflexogist. I mean, it's something I really feel and I could turn it into my career. How good would I feel if I got to spend my life helping people feel better emotionally and physically.

Another cool thing was the show tonight. Although I have seen more than enough Elliston shows in the last two months, I had fun. This time they actually had and opening band. This band is from the cities and they are called "Lions Tigers, and Bears." Oh They were good. And then I was just sitting at the merch booth, ya know, and I asked pete from lions tigers and bears to sign the mailing list. Well when he signed up, I noticed that he is Pete Miller. An old church crush. It was crazy. I don't know about church crushes but yeah,I must admit, it has happened to me before. So that was exciting. And then a whole gang of people walked to Casa from Higher Ground. I mean, Chippewa Falls is Chippewa Falls. But as a huge group of incredible people were walking the 6 or 7 blocks, I felt like Chippewa Falls was an ok place. And when we got there, since I get bored of the typical music conversations, I got to shoot the shit with Loren she is so nice. It's really something how you can go to school with someone for four years and all of a sudden realize how cool they are, even though you never really put much thought into them before.

Another good thing happened. I decided that I am happy that Eric is staying here. I mean, before I was really scared and sad and I thought I would miss him. But just today it clicked in my head that I am going to live in Minneapolis. I love the music scene there. It's going to be impossible to not make awesome friends. I mean, I don't even know what I mean. But if Eric was there I would probably want to just isolate myself with him like I always do. But that's not even going to be an option. I'll be in this huge city and I'll travel it with my bus pass. There will be shows going on all the time, and new people to meet everywhere I look. I want college.

Yesterday Big Brothers Big Sisters called to check up. Well eventually, I ended up getting transferred to the nicest lady ever, I believe her name was Jan. And I talked about all of the problems and different situations and she was seriously the nicest lady ever. ha. umm she began telling me that I have the nicest conscious and I am just one of the most wonderful people who she's ever had the chance to talk with. I mean I missed jeopardy because I was so deeply in conversation with this lady. She was so excited that I am going to the University of Minnesota. It was really cool. Anyways I'm gonna start my paper, I think/hope.
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i wonder if this will work [Feb. 12th, 2005|08:18 am]
kehotlegs's Word Usage
1. i (388) 26. then (38) 51. about (22) 76. thing (16)
2. to (271) 27. well (37) 52. she (22) 77. how (16)
3. and (267) 28. be (36) 53. had (21) 78. even (16)
4. the (214) 29. on (36) 54. went (21) 79. an (16)
5. was (136) 30. i'm (35) 55. or (20) 80. school (16)
6. that (131) 31. got (34) 56. much (20) 81. would (15)
7. a (125) 32. there (34) 57. know (19) 82. them (15)
8. my (120) 33. have (34) 58. do (19) 83. can (15)
9. it (118) 34. when (33) 59. today (19) 84. mean (15)
10. of (91) 35. out (33) 60. little (19) 85. us (15)
11. me (86) 36. up (32) 61. what (19) 86. feel (15)
12. but (80) 37. get (32) 62. people (19) 87. things (14)
13. so (76) 38. not (31) 63. are (19) 88. now (14)
14. in (72) 39. you (31) 64. day (18) 89. way (14)
15. for (60) 40. go (30) 65. didn't (18) 90. said (14)
16. just (59) 41. going (29) 66. fun (18) 91. one (14)
17. is (56) 42. it's (26) 67. which (17) 92. could (14)
18. like (52) 43. time (25) 68. her (17) 93. stuff (14)
19. we (49) 44. if (25) 69. some (17) 94. been (13)
20. really (49) 45. don't (24) 70. can't (17) 95. last (13)
21. with (48) 46. they (24) 71. were (17) 96. happy (13)
22. at (46) 47. am (24) 72. into (17) 97. tennis (13)
23. all (39) 48. as (23) 73. your (17) 98. something (13)
24. because (39) 49. he (23) 74. good (17) 99. made (13)
25. this (39) 50. from (22) 75. yeah (17) 100. see (13)
Word Count by Hutta.

I feel so boring.
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spidey [Feb. 8th, 2005|03:24 pm]
[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |weezer oh girlfriend]

so last night when I was getting ready for bed, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Sure enough, there was a little tiny spider sitting in my sink. I reacted to this spider how I typically would, I tried to drown it. Well the thingy in the bottom of the sink wouldn't go all the way down so I held it down while the sink filled up. Then I let the water go, expecting the spider to go down the drain. Well it just sort of stuck to where it was. I began brushing my teeth and I watched it. It's legs were moving and it was attempting to crawl up the sink. I decided that after that, if the spider managed to get it, it definately deserves to live. It made me happy to think how hard the little spider was fighting just to live. I don't know if I would fight that hard. So after a restless night, when I went to brush my teeth and I found the little spider on the wall in my bathroom. I was really happy for it. I'm not going to pretend that the spider is some omen of life, but it really did make me think.

anyways, jeopardy! is on now.
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monday, monday. [Feb. 7th, 2005|03:25 pm]
[mood |headachy]
[music |beatles across the universe]

Alright so today was good because it was another day without the GL, unfortunately she will be back tomorrow. Good thing I took advanced comp woop. Anyways I got called down to the student services today so that the office ladies could tell me that Gordy's called the school, to inform them that I quit my job. That means I have to get placed in a study hall now. I mean, I did quit my job, and it's called work release, but really, who seriously doesn't have anything better to do than call someones school to take away their work release. Yeah, that's right, fuck you Gordy's.

On the brighter side of things, I went on a 6th grade date. Now Eric thinks it was the corniest thing ever, but really he's just a cute boy. He called me from my cell phone and said "Hi Kelsey, this is Eric, from Mr. Borman's class. Would you like to go to the mall with me today?" So I agreed and he told me that him and his mom would be there to pick me up in a few minutes. Then he rang my doorbell and says "pretend that I am wearing Jnco's and that my hair is spiked straight up." It was such a fun day though. On the awkward sixth grade date drive to the mall he told me about his band with Tyler Helland and Chip (it really did exist)and we listened to Green Day. Then we ate at pretzel time (which I have not done since 6th grade) and well besides that it wasn't really sixth grady. We did, however, do the sleep number test. Yeah I'm a 40. Nice. What else is there to add about this? I don't really know, but either way, it was a fun little trip back to sixth grade.

Hmm. Has anything else exciting happened to me lately? I decided for sure about The University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I haven't seen the campus yet or anything but I already applied for housing. I don't really care. I figure that college is college, leaving my small town life and going somewhere else. I guess I just don't really think that it matters where.

I got to sing at an Elliston show. It was funny, I didn't know the words, so I messed up and laughed but everyone who commented, said that the microphone was off and they couldn't hear me. That is funny. Anyways I'm going to end it here.
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SEX [Jan. 13th, 2005|10:09 pm]
[music |bright eyes]

I was laying on my couch watching Seinfeld when all of a sudden I got this huge urge to update. So here goes.

Hair. yes! Eric let me use his car to go to my apointment since we carpool. Well, his van, I could tell from the start didn't really want to be running. But I had an apointment so I put it in reverse to get out of the spot and into drive. Well, I was hardly out of the parking lot, in an intersection, when the van died. And it would not restart for the life of me, it sucked. Suddenly a cop pulled up behind me, not in coplike way, but he was just waiting patiently for me to go. I tried starting it a few more times, nothing so I got out of the van and went up to the cop car and put my hands out all dramatically and exclaimed "my car died" so he got out and blah blah the rest of the story isn't too exciting. Just the fact that it happened excited me though.

Oh yeah, I discovered the coolest place in Chippewa Falls. Americinn. The coolest swimming place ever. Me and Eric took Breezy and her friend Erika there and it's the coolest place to go swimming ever. Geez. I can't begin to describe it, walking in there surprised almost as much as walking into the pool in Dijon. pheesh.

Anyways my tetris party tonight was quite small. Me, Eric, Peter. IT was still a tetris party though, so I didn't care. But yeah next Thursday night is another one. So Tetris thursday nights at hotles house.

I'm done now. grosse bisous
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